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Office of the Fire Marshal
The Camden County Office of the Fire Marshal is charged with conducting fire investigations in the County of Camden where arson is suspected or a death occurs. The Office also serves as fire code enforcement advisor to the municipalities in the County of Camden. The office is very active in the area of “Fire Prevention,” designing programs and conducting outreach projects to the residents of all ages in the community. It has recently been updated with a state-of-the-art, environmentally safe, Burn Building and Smoke House. For many years the Training Center has been successfully training volunteer, career, commercial, and industrial fire personnel.
County Fire Marshal Responsibilities

fire Conduct life safety inspections in all Camden County owned and leased space occupancies
fire Conduct fire investigations in local communities when requested
fire Conduct life safety investigation of all serious bodily injuries involving fire
fire Conduct fire related investigation into any fire death occurrence in the County of Camden
fire Assist local fire code inspectors with compliance issues in their communities
fire Assist with fire suppression activities in all Camden County communities
fire Assist and support the education of Juvenile Fire Setting programing
fire Assist and support the education of all fire service training at the Camden County Regional Emergency Training Center
Chief Fire Marshal
  Joseph P. Hales, Jr.

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